The Transition from Physical Death to the Afterlife- Anubis Weighs In

Is it a Funeral or a Coming Home Party?

No one gets out of here alive. Everyone is going to die. If you believe in reincarnation you understand that everyone has already died before. I was raised in a Christian environment with no mention of reincarnation. We were taught that there is an afterlife but not many lives. It wasn't until I understood my own psychic gifts that I realized that some of my visions were of past lives belonging to me and/or to other people. I have researched about NDE's (near death experiences) and read about past lives extensively. (Brian Weiss MD has many great books on the subject). Some of the most interesting moments for me in my readings have been when spirit is commenting on or showing me how someone is going to transition or has transitioned from this physical world to the spiritual realm.

What I have come to understand through spirit teachings is that death transition experiences can be as individual as the people themselves. In fact, they seem to be tailored to what each of us needs to feel comfortable or to get what we need to cross over. Recently, a family friend was dying of cancer at a young age. He was a father of two with a loving wife. My sister asked in anguish if I could query my guides as to when he would pass. As is sometimes the case, they didn't answer the question but gave information that was more comforting than she could have imagined or wished for. I cleared my feelings and became a blank slate for the emotions and messages from spirit. To my surprise I began to feel excitement and anticipation. I could sense many souls gathering in a party atmosphere. I was given the message that great preparations were being made for his arrival. His guides and deceased loved ones were gathering and happy to make everything perfect for him. It was a coming home party! It truly felt more like a baby shower for a new birth than a funeral. Much like a community expecting a new baby or family the afterlife spirit is excited about one of their own coming home. It's a celebration! He died one day later and for me it was more than a relief that he was out of pain...I was excited for him.

A recent client came to me asking about the meaning of a recent tragedy that occurred on a family vacation. While on a trip to Egypt, her beloved elderly aunt died suddenly before boarding the plane to come home. As one could imagine, this was a traumatic event for my client and a lot to process. Should she have not encouraged her aunt to go on the trip? Was it worse for her aunt to die away from home in a foreign country? It seemed like such an unfitting way for her aunt to exit this world. When I asked spirit to comment on this death event we received a special visitor. I saw an image of an Egyptian man with a crook but with a dog's face. Someone in the group let me know that I was describing Anubis, the Egyptian God of death. More specifically Anubis was the god who was in charge of a soul's journey and transition to the after life. He let me know that my client's aunt had come "home" to die and that this event was part of a much bigger plan. She had experienced many lives in Egypt and Anubis let me know that her death preparations were familiar to her and that she deserved a "royal" reception in the manner in which she was accustomed to. What a surprise and relief to my client!

We are all loved and surrounded by souls and entities that are there to help us- both in life and in the afterlife... Thanks Anubis for the teaching!