Laura Boone is a successful entrepreneur who has used her intuitive gifts of clairvoyance and clairsentience to help others grow and thrive for over 25 years.  She is passionate about applying astrology, tarot, and the esoteric arts in practical applications and committed to inspiring companies, communities, families and individuals.

Host of The Real Ethereal Show

With the help of her guests, her guides and her thirst for knowledge, Laura explores the adventures and surprises that await in the spiritual life.  Topics include useful knowledge, insights and tools to enhance an individual's quest for their best self.

Private Sessions and Readings

After working with clients for over 25 years, Laura has created a unique one-on-one session experience that utilizes her psychic gifts augmented by the symbols and timing of Tarot and Astrology.

These sessions are transpersonal, psychological, and help clients realize more clarity regarding their soul’s journey.

Specific questions are addressed regarding career, relationships, health and personal mission.  

Because of Laura’s sensitivity to spirit; guides and relatives that have crossed over can join in the sessions to help the client.

Laura is a business owner as well as a psychic intuitive. She has been an Atlanta native since 1993.

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