Are You A Racehorse- How Big Is Your Heart?


This week's readings had a lot of messages about being authentic and living (and/or dying) with heart. Just recently Nyquist won the 2016 Kentucky Derby with amazing passion and flair. You can't watch something like that without being emotionally affected. We all want to relate to the horse that wins and each one of us has some of those elements within us for sure. But in reality, that very short race where everyone is focused on a few horses for a few minutes is a culmination of years and years of choreographed efforts by teams of people and animals with very different skills and talents coming together to create a very short and intense moment of excellence. Which role do you play in the great race of life? What is your soul's mission? Where are you in your flow and where do you contribute to excellent moments of expansion? Maybe you are like a trainer. Do you see potential and love the challenge of developing that potential into excellence- sometimes against all odds and in a vacuum? Are you like an owner? Are you good at gathering resources and even better at placing them with the right teams? Very often people overlook the importance of the jockey. These individuals literally sacrifice themselves (in the form of their body mass) to serve the racehorse. They study the horse, become one with the horse and create the space that allows the horse to perform at their potential so they can run their best race.

One of my clients this week is a true racehorse. One of her blocks is that she doesn't yet really own that fact and all that goes with it. When you are living authentically and being true to yourself, you own who you are and what your general mission is with or without the approval of others or society. When you accept yourself unconditionally, you are able to accept other's differences without frustration or judgement. Some of my client's revelations could be helpful to all of us. Here are a few:

1. Racehorses Need To Race

When you figure out what you love to do or what your purpose is- do it. It seems simple but life and "busy-ness" can take over and your passions can take a back seat to your obligations. Make them a priority. It is your life force that is at stake.

2. Not Everyone is a Racehorse

What you are passionate about and how you go through life is unique to you and not what everyone else needs to be or do. Love and respect for the individual is the most important thing...starting with your self first.

3. Stay Focused on Your Own Lane

Competition is exciting but at the end of the day you are trying to beat your own time. You are working to be the best that you can be regardless of someone else's performance. Falling in love with your own expansion is the only way you will find the motivation to put the lonely hours of practice in that include none of the drama of game day.

It all comes back to loving yourself. Love is all you need :). Happy racing!