Personal Readings

Personal readings last about an hour and can cover many topics. Laura will use a combination of cards and astrology in an intuitive way to uncover messages for the querent.  Sessions can be in person or via phone.  The current cost of a one hour session is $250.

There is always time for specific questions to be answered if the client wishes. Laura is not fully a medium (Clairaudient) but she does frequently see and connect with some of the clients’ loved ones who have crossed over.

Clients can also inquire about past lives if requested. Laura is Clairvoyant (psychic seeing) and Clairsentient (psychic feeling or empathic).

To create a complete birthchart we will need the client’s birth date, year, exact time and place (city or town) of birth before the appointment.

If you would like to request a reading, please email Laura at lboone@turnerboone.comSomeone will let you know what appointments are available so you can book a time. We are typically booked out for a couple of months or more.

If you would like a reading sooner, we will be glad to put you on our cancellation list!
The content of readings is STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. Laura does keep a journal/blog that discusses central messages that come through on the Journal page. Names are changed and the specifics of circumstances may be altered to protect privacy. Clients love this section because they can get a glimpse of how the messages in their reading are universal and can help others going through similar challenges.

Cancellation Policy
Payment of $250 is due at the beginning of each session.  24 notice required for cancellation.  Payment in full will be expected if 24 hour notice not given.

Groups and Events

We can arrange to have Laura read for groups or special events.

These sessions are all customizable and the price is available upon request depending on her availability and the event.