Money is Energy


Splish Splash Takin a Money Bath
Lately the topic of money has come up a lot in my readings in some interesting ways. We have all heard the tag line "Money is Energy." The reason this saying is cliche and over-used is because it is the TRUTH. People fear money, become obsessed with money, become "victims" of money or the lack of it. All of these experiences are merely projections and/or manifestations based on unconscious beliefs.  Money is a neutral energy with no agenda or attachment much like water or air. Most people do not realize that they are in a relationship with money. If we examine and uncover our attitudes towards money, we will be able to better increase the flow of abundance in our lives and put money in the proper place in our worlds-as a tool that we use to create our reality and fulfill our desires.

Unpack Your Money Baggage
What were you "taught" about money? Whether you were aware of it or not, you attended a money school as a child. Were you taught that there is never enough? Or that it is a scary topic to even think about? Were you taught to ignore money? That money is a necessary evil that is the evidence of shallowness or greed if it is accumulated? An entire American generation during the depression was traumatized emotionally by the lack of money. Decades later we are still dealing with the backlash of that time. Some families exhibit this through too much frugality, others by overspending in denial. Uncovering and examining your life lessons around money can liberate you from the unconscious attitudes that are manifesting around you every day in the form of overdrawn bank accounts, stagnant and fearful frugality or garages full of cars you never drive and can't really afford (Mike Tyson anyone?).

Let's Get Real
The first step in bettering your relationship with money is to take your own inventory.
Ask yourself what are you afraid of in relationship to money? What is your earliest memory of that feeling? Is this fear influencing your money habits? Sometimes it is good to get feedback from those closest to you about these topics because we all have blind spots when it comes to self evaluation. Does your spouse, child, best friend have an opinion about your attitudes about money? If they are a positive and safe support this can help.

Shake your Money Maker
Is your money moving? Contrary to popular belief, being hyper-frugal and "stagnant" with your money slows growth down. Just like anything else balance is key. No self- made millionaire was ever terrified of moving money around. Or if they were they realized that they had to risk some money to get the abundance flowing even if it was on an unconscious level. Most people with real money have balanced spending money with saving, planning and discipline around money.

For Whom Does the Grail Serve?
Are you living for money or is money supporting your life? This question seems simple but it is so powerful. Money is one of many resources that we need to achieve success and happiness. No matter how poor or how rich you are- money should not be your central focus in life. Self love and the love of those around you should be your first focus. Creating the life that you dream of (no matter your economic situation) should be your second priority. Evaluating and cultivating the resources that you need to achieve your desires support your first two priorities. By the way, you can not achieve the life that you want with only the resource of money. The resources of wisdom (education and mentorship), health and time combine with money to create the avalanche of abundance that we all desire. Ask someone who is out of time or their health is failing how powerful the resource of money is in their life...

What You Focus on Grows
This is such a powerful when it comes to money, focus on who you love and what you desire, not what you don't have enough of or what someone else has...then the money will come to support what you are putting your attention towards.