Birds of a Feather....

Notes From Readings- February 27, 2016
What a sweet day with beautiful souls in physical and non-physical...
After a day of sessions I was closing up a shed in the backyard when I noticed above my head a flock of cedar waxwings quietly munching the remaining berries of winter and watching me as if they had been perched there forever. I moved towards them expecting them to fly away, they didn't even startle. They just quietly watched me.

Live and let live.

They are known for their gentleness and instinctual ability to share. They feed each other and have been seen passing one berry among many birds until it is finally eaten. 

Yes yes yes I get it. Thank you my feather friends for the punctuation mark on the lessons of my readings today.

Gentleness. Respect. Towards yourself and others.

Mothers, wives and individuals needing to remove the fear that they put on their child, their spouse, themselves. Fear that because their child (or fill in the blank) is different or not conventional that they will not "make it". But they already have...they have made it here so they are perfectly living their own journey- whether difficult or easy. When you fear the destination you are missing the beauty and perfection of the present moment. Sometimes it feels as if worry and fear of the future can help someone but actually these energies show a doubt and a lack of confidence in the individual's ability to live life on their own terms. In this way many unknowingly show their loved ones the opposite of support. Easier said than done when you care about someone and you are worried about how the choices that they are making could effect their future. When these feelings arise ask yourself...are they really hurting themselves/others or is there a risk of hurt? What part of this worry is based on a past experience or wound that you have? If you and the person are safe- take a cue from the cedar and let live. Be gentle and put respect for the individual first. Do you respect your own individuality? Are you too afraid in some areas of your life to be more authentic or non-conventional? Could you be more gentle towards yourself or someone you love today?