Surf's up!

How to Survive a Life Tsunami 101

Notes from readings March 11, 2016

This week's clients were all dealing with major transits...I call them tsunamis and they come in different colors and with different survival manuals. All major transits have one thing in common however, they REQUIRE us to SUBMIT to their lessons. Notice I used the word require. These life lessons are mandatory and not a choice. They happen to us and as hard or traumatic as they may be, they will always leave a huge spiritual gift for the recipient once they are over.

Tsunami #1: Saturn

Advice: Time to suck it up and do what you've been putting off.

Spiritual gift: You show yourself just how much much you are willing to delay gratification for what matters the the most to you. (i.e. proof of self love)

This can be a financial hole that you have allowed to happen or a retirement fund that's almost too late to start planning for. It's a relationship that has deteriorated to a barely functional level that will be complicated and painful to end. It's time to make a change and as our friend's in AA say "choose your bottom." Saturn has an endless array of painful events to throw at you in rapid succession until you decide to love yourself enough to make a change. Saturn is the ultimate tough love. Take your medicine.

Tsunami #2: Uranus

Advice: Stay still and cover your head- everything is blowing up. 

Spiritual gift: Your perspective is about to change and space is being cleared for brand new and better abundance.

The real life tsunamis are ruled by this Uranus energy.  This is planes hitting buildings, loved ones dying suddenly, tornados and houses burning down. This is winning the lottery, getting your first major role, meeting the love of your life in the check out line at Target. It seems counter intuitive to stay still and passive during a chaotic Uranus event but that is the best thing to do. This is your "Let go and let God" moment. We are forced to stop and remember that forces greater than our own free will are really in charge and not us. In the midst of pain or shock, what a blessing that is.

Tsunami #3: Neptune

Advice: Remember that feelings aren't facts and that creativity is stifled by judgement.

Spiritual gift: A greater awareness of the infinite power of emotion and better access to the endless source of all creativity.

Wow this transit is intense. Actually this transit is ABOUT intensity. For those of you who have trouble feeling anything, that is about to change. For those of you who feel too much, this transit is going to force you to find better tools to process emotion. For those of you who are artistic in any way- your ultimate muse has come to visit for awhile. As delightful as this may sound to some many find this time overwhelming and descend into self medication to avoid processing this surprising and irrational onslaught of feelings. Broken relationships, the birth of a child, conflicts, rage, love, war, injustice, desire, infatuation...all of these feelings and human events are the gasoline that fuels our human engines. Asking for support and knowing that emotions are the richness of life helps someone navigate this season in a healthy way.

Learn to surf!

Hang ten everybody... We are all just helplessly floating in this giant unpredictable sea called life. The people who are best at life grab a surfboard, practice their balance and calmly scan the horizon for the weather. They don't deny the waves are coming, they don't ignore the waves when they see them and they don't tell themselves the lie that the wave that they just survived is the only one. They respect the power of the waves, they study the waves, and after awhile they begin to anticipate the waves. They know that they are going on an amazing ride. They know that they will be able to feel all the power of nature on their ride and their senses will be heightened. They also appreciate that when riding these waves they are empowered, beautiful, skilled, and awake more than they ever knew they could be. These tsunamis make us the best that we can be. What a gift!